Neti neti

by Miguel Isaza



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This work was created from a few field recordings made in and around the Metropolitan Cathedral of Montevideo, Uruguay. Minutes after entering, while recording in place, someone started to play an organ that vibrated in an amazing way and resounded throughout the cathedral, which felt as the instrument itself. So I was inside, feeling a murmur telling me that besides concrete walls, there is a sound framework which is not a separated reality nor is made of a completely different material, but phenomena which despite of asking for its own dimension, doesn't forget to be recognized as integrated in the whole structure of the cosmos.

This caused me a sense of resonance that had not experienced in such way before, an intuition in which I actually relied to compose, seeking to explore that point where not only the sound seems to take its own materiality, but where matter as such, dissolves as sound. This ability sound has for proposing new worlds on one side and simultaneously dissolving them on the other, is fundamental for me when composing. But more than focusing on the temporal aspect of the sonic particles, I wondered about the pure frequencies that occur in time and get recorded as complex macrostructures. Thus, from techniques of granular, spectral processing, I set the task of revealing some simple waves that are inside the depths of complex sounds, trying to question the reality of sonic spaces, properties and events that emerge when pointing to a release of symbolic possibilities, process done by dissolving some content into small harmonic bands, frequency grains and temporary object structures. In this way, any world we associate to sound, can be completely erased and reduced into elements so close to the sine wave, therefore so close to an eternal abyss of diversity, not only in the sense of composing but above all, in the process listening, which is ultimately where infinite universes can sonically arise.


released April 24, 2016

Published on cassette and digital by Nova Fund Recordings, Mexico.
Composed by Miguel Isaza.



all rights reserved


miguel isaza Medellin, Colombia

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